Economic Development

Our team understands the process by which a community improves the economic, political, and overall well-being of the people that live and work in a designated geographical area. Our team of consultants has worked as Economic Development Officers for some of the nation's largest cities. They have also consulted Economic Development Corporations from creation to complete program implementation. Coupling this experience with hands-on involvement in community development, grassroots mobilizing of public, and backgrounds as registered lobbyists - we are fully prepared and equipped to provide complete consulting services in the Economic Development world. 

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Non-Profit Development

Non-profits are expert Samaritans-providing helpful and sometimes life-changing services and support for those in need.  We offer support in various aspects of non-profit management BUT our main goal is to help our non-profit partners reach more donors and raise more funds. Funders are moving away from program specific funding and now want to leverage their donation to support capacity building, leadership development, strong ethical board governance, and effective program management. Let us work along-side you to show funders your organization's impact in the community.  Our Founders and Development Officers have multi-million dollar portfolios with donor gifts ranging from the low thousands to $15 million dollars. 

examples of our work


For so long, record labels controlled the persona, branding, and sales tactics of the artist - sometimes stripping away all creative aspects of what make the artist unique. With the emergence of the digital age and the uprising of independent labels, artists can now celebrate their individuality without giving up the benefit of professional guidance in their developing careers. At The Pinnacle Development Group, we guide artists to harness and develop their own unique professional artist persona. We also work with small labels, recording studios, music schools, musical summer camps, churches, school districts and non-profits to breathe life into the creative economy.  Our entertainment team has operated in all spaces within the music industry. We are proud of this niche area of service we are to provide. 

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Everyone on our team has started a business. Some of those ventures have failed. Some have lasted over 20+ years. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that Start-Ups DO NOT NEED consultants. You need partners. 

In 2016, Pinnacle worked with three small business to assist them with all aspects of their business. Over the course of a year, we developed strategy, business models, pricing, production plans, and marketing proposals. And we didn’t stop there. We devised a special project team that assisted in the roll-out and implementation of all the strategies we had built alongside these three start ups. 

It was then that Propel Projects was born. Now, every year, Pinnacle partners with three entrepreneurs, innovators, startups, or incubators to help them get from the ideation phase to the implementation phase. 


We are currently accepting application for 2020 Propel Projects. Please follow the link below to submit your information.